The New Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – Bigger and Powerful

Barely a year has passed since we laid eyes on the first-of-its-kind Samsung Galaxy Note. The gargantuan amalgamation of phone and tablet with its 5.3 inch screen seemed a ridiculous piece of hardware to own, before its launch. Post-launch, however, the scenario changed completely. The reception that phone got, it set a new benchmark for high definition smartphones in the market. And now, Samsung treat us to yet another marvel of modern technology, their follow up to the original, the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

Galaxy Note 2 Deals

First things first. For those who loved the sheer size and dimensions of the original Note, brace yourselves. This one’s bigger. The screen now measures at 5.5 inches to be precise. The Note II seems to lean on the rounded rectangular look Samsung introduced in Galaxy S3.

The screen is the Samsung Super AMOLED panel which displays and replicates colors beautifully. On the back we find the 8MP camera with flash and a sleek rear casing, under which is housed a massive 3100 mAh battery.

These unearthly features can be owned at a pretty grim price tag of around £530. But the Samsung Galaxy Note II does offer you your money’s worth.

The Galaxy Note II runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system. It’s faster than its predecessor, more functional, and better looking too! Samsung have achieved an even bigger phone + tablet (phablets) than the original but not by much, so the size doesn’t hinder its users. Its S-pen is a wonderful new addition which was absent earlier, but it’s a little complicated. And for some people still, the Note II is too big. However, if you can look past the size, it’s sheer amazement.