Samsung Galaxy S2 – Continuing The Trend of Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S2 presents an exhilarating set of features, from high-end touchscreen display of 4.2 inches to munificent 8MP camera. We have witnessed very huge popularity of Galaxy S2 in the market where Samsung has been introducing Galaxy S-series. This time, we can see its very latest face in the name with Galaxy S3.


Picking up the handset and the first thing you get is its light weight. Galaxy S2 weighs only 116g that is unbelievably slight in comparison with original Galaxy S. The strong part of the handset is its high-end display that measures 4.2 inches and resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. It features Super AMOLED capacitive technology that makes its interface very pleasing. The handset has been powered by celebrated Androidā€™s Gingerbread that spreads very tasteful experience. You get it with a number of features and apps and you find them with useful operations.

On the other side, Samsung Galaxy S2 has been empowered to drive you to ultimate web world. It connects you with the help of powerful connectivity applications like Wi-Fi, WLAN, GPRS and attractive Widgets. You can enjoy very good experience of social websites also where celebrated sites like Facebook, Twitter etc are available to enjoy.

Samsung Galaxy S2 deals have been offered by all prominent network providers and you find them offering useful packets if gift. The deals have been divided into three faces called contract deals, Pay As You Go and SIM free.