Latest Galaxy Series Phones – Next Phones in Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy phones are very popular and highly demanded in the mobile market. The company also keeps its buyers happy by coming up with new and innovative devices all the time. Currently the range of latest Galaxy phones are ruling the market. The top mobile in this category are Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 and popular tablet available in the market namely Galaxy Note 2.

The most recent addition to the series is Galaxy S4 that has managed to grab the attention of the potential buyers even before it has hit the store officially. The device is perfect for staying in touch and connecting with your friends and family globally. The device is so well designed that people will always want to hold it in hands with its light weight.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Deals

The smart phone not only allows you to take a look at the photos but also relive your memories with listening to what you have to say about your special moments in general. You can also add a new touch to your pictures by combining them together .And also share them with your friends with instant sharing options, Galaxy S4 is all about staying together. Here, you can not only share your data instead you can share your screen too. Your friends and family have free access to your files, music and games. All the barriers are removed by this innovative gadget.

Have ultimate fun with your device and is so designed that it can handle multi taking as well with ease. You can call your friends, view images, carry out web browsing and scroll through the emails all at one time. And for all this you do not have to touch your phone even.

There is smart stay enabled in the device that allows you to watch the movies or anything you are seeing just according to you. So, just when you look away from the screen it automatically pauses itself. And it resumes as soon you look at the screen.

Another phone that is equally popular in the latest Galaxy series is Samsung Galaxy S2. The device is powerful and intuitive in nature. It has enhanced smart phone technology that has captured mobile market completely.

There are number of features present in the phone that make the device popular. It is Android phone with 4.0 OS that is hugely capable of running all the applications with ease. From attending phone calls to checking mails on Gmail there is nothing at which it lacks.

Fitted with quad core processor all the apps run smooth and fast. The screen of the phone is 4.8 inches that is super AMOLED in nature. High speed access to the web is provided through Wi-Fi and GPRS and 3G. High quality pictures are captured through snapper of 8MP fitted at the back.

Galaxy Note 2 is yet another powerful and stylish phone available from the house of Samsung. All the devices are featured with best of attributes which are difficult to find in any single device.