Galaxy S4 vs S4 Zoom vs S4 Active – Each is Better!

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a well known and highly demanded smartphone in the market. Well, the South Korean company has come up with two new devices that are quite bold and functional in their approach. These are S4 Zoom and S4 Active. Both the handsets have been designed keeping in mind the current requirement for fast and powerful phone with big and bright screen. With so many Galaxy S4 available in the market the key question remains which one to buy. Each among Galaxy S4 vs. Galaxy S4 Zoom vs. Galaxy S4 Active is unique in it and renders users with features and handset that is simply incredible.

There is no need to give introduction to the awesome Samsung Galaxy S4. It is a designer phone with best of features that are simply user oriented be it smart scroll, smart stay or Air view gestures. These features aid in increasing the user experience to the hilt. On the other hand there is yet another release from the company by the name of S4 active which is designed for those individual who are active both inside and outside. This smartphone is resistant dust and water and hence can be used in all conditions. Love to capture images then Galaxy S4 Zoom is the phone for you. This highly talked about phone is available with massive 16 MP camera which is not found in any other camera till date.

Let’s compare some of noted features in Galaxy S4 vs. S4 Zoom vs. S4 Active

Powerful Processor
Nowadays smartphone should be potent enough to handle various needs. Mobile phones are no more basic devices used for calling and messaging. They now have to fulfill various needs like Playstation that allows you to play wide variety if games, playing videos, telling direction through GPS, music player playing music of your choice on the move. Not only this you can also check your mails, messages and chat unlimited on assorted social networking web sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Taking a look at the processor we find that ultimate camera phone S4 Zoom is rendered with 1.5GHz dual-core Exynos 4212. S4 is home to 1.9GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 and S4 active plays active with processor of 1.9GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600. So, comes out that S4 Zoom and S4 Active are far more powerful than S4.

Smart Display
Having a smart display on your phone that works out well in all the conditions like sunlight, dim light and more is very important. Today, Samsung screens are considered best in the industry. These have high resolution and screen size is also high that buyers are delighted or say attracted to buy Samsung phone with massive screen. The sharpness, contrast and viewing angles are at par with any other smartphone available in the market. Before deciding to buy the phone it is necessary to find the phone that fits perfectly in your needs.

The huge screen of Galaxy S4 is 5 inches that is super AMOLED in nature having high resolution to bring high quality images. If you are one of those who like adventure sports then S4 Active is the device that will suffice your needs with ease. It is home to screen of 5inches with resolution of 960 X 540 pixels that is TFT in nature. The best part is that display is resistant to both water and dust.

Galaxy S4 Zoom impresses with display which is 4.3 inches with resolution of 960 X 540 pixels. The screen of all the phones is good and you can select any as per your requirement.

High Megapixel Camera
Capturing moments in best possible light has become an important feature which people desire in their phones. Camera of high mega pixel is all more important for the mobile phone buyers. There is no doubt that smartphone cameras have completely replaced the so called digital camera, and so the sales of smartphones have increased by many folds.

All the smartphone cameras are better and enticing. Galaxy S4 comes with 13MP rear camera that captures outstanding images in bright light. There is secondary camera as well of 2MP that is put for video calling and capturing self portrait images. Next there is S4 Active that is bundled with 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera.

The device that wins hands down in camera feature is Galaxy S4 Zoom. It is bundled with massive camera of 16MP that captures amazing and high quality images with 10X optical zoom and more. There is front camera of 1.9MP as well for video calling.

Galaxy S4 vs. S4 Zoom vs. S4 Active
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