Successful Range of Coming Soon Galaxy Phones!

When it comes to talking of Samsung phones there is no doubt that the device will be featured with best technology and amazing features for the delight of the buyers. It is so that each and every coming soon Galaxy phones are welcomed with warm and high anticipation.

Around this time of the year major release of the devices takes place. And the South Korean firm is already with this year most expected release of Samsung Galaxy S4. This coming soon phone has finally been unveiled in New York.

With its release the competition in the market has increased by many folds. Now the likes of Sony Xperia Z and iPhone 5 have a steady competitor all the way. In other countries the device will be hitting the stores on April 26.

The sleek and slim phone comes with dimensions of 136.1 x 69.8mm. The 5 inches handset is great to hold and carry around with thickness of mere 7.9mm. It is also lighter than its predecessor at 130 grams.

On the design front the device feels much premium and sturdy in its appeal with use of metallic band on the sides. Initially it is available in shades of black and white.

Samsung Galaxy Fame is yet another coming soon phone in Galaxy range. It is a budget oriented phone that comes powered with Jelly Bean that is the latest version of Android. There are several other lucrative features present in the device that attracts wide number of users.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Deals – For Better Experience

Samsung has introduced its latest Galaxy in the market, but its Galaxy S2 is still scaling up. It is still getting associated with the mobile phone deals are the people are taking it to their home. Samsung galaxy S2 deals have been much admired ones in the market.

Galaxy S2 Complete Review – Even the latest series and next sequel of Galaxy S2 has arrived in the market, S2 is still hoisting its flag. People are still interested in the handset and that is why, the network service providers are making it with amended mobile phone deals. The Samsung Galaxy S2 deals have been made very relevant to the present moment and you would find everything what has been made with latest deals like Galaxy S3 deals.

Galaxy S2 Contract Deals

 As you know well, Samsung galaxy S2 is attached with three kinds of mobile phone deals such as contract deals, Pay As You Go and SIM free. Here, these three are well packed with potential benefits, as the network providers say. Like before, you have to go through some legal process for getting Galaxy S2 contract deals. And if you go with other two plans, you need not to have a legal contract paper, as you have done before.

Among the three plans, Galaxy S2 contract deals have been decorated with a number other benefits such as free electronic devices and some incentives like talk time, free text and data for internet.

Cheap Samsung Galaxy Ace Deals Available!

Looking for smart and stylish phone to buy? Well, there is Samsung Galaxy Ace which is an incredible phone offering wide range of features and gives smooth access to number of applications. Working with this device is a delightful experience.

The screen of the phone is 3.5 inches TFT with HVGA screen that has high resolution to deliver sharp and high contrast images. The visuals produced while watching videos and playing games are good too. Working on Android 2.3.6 OS the handling of applications on the phone is smooth and fast.


 Getting the phone is simple with affordable Samsung Galaxy ace deals available in the UK market. The top deals are SIM Free, Pay as you go and Contract mobile deals. Most popular among all is Samsung Galaxy ace contract deals which is presented in association with leading mobile networks of UK which are Vodafone, Three, T-mobile and O2.

Once contract is signed for the duration of 12, 18 and 24 month there are plenty of offers like free gifts and incentives. These are free laptop, LCD TV, DVD Player, Home Theater and many more. Costs saving incentives are also given which are free texts messages, free talk time, reduced call rates and limited web browsing.

Samsung Galaxy Ace deals are also available online through various mobile portals. These portals are home to top deals available in the market along with lucrative offers. Buyers can simply compare and select the handset that appeals most to them.

Galaxy S3 Deals Gains Popularity in UK!

Samsung Galaxy S3 is your powerful and slick smart phone that is easily the most sought after handset after the likes of iPhone. This notable device is available in the market through assorted mobile phone deals. These deals render cost saving Galaxy S3 deals that are the foremost and lucrative means of getting the top rated handset for less.

The high end features of the device include Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system which is wanted by all the potential buyers. Then, there is massive camera of 8MP that captures all the pictures in best conditions. Nothing can beat the powerful quad core processor enabled in the phone to run all the applications at high speed.

Galaxy S3 Contract Deals

The top Galaxy S3 deals are SIM free, Pay as you go and Contract mobile deals. These deals are presented in association with all the mobile network operators. They are Vodafone, Three,T-mobile and O2.

If you want the device with best of offers and bargains. Then S3 contract deals are the best way to buy the latest handset. Here, there is a simple contract between the network operator and the buyer for the duration of 12, 18 and 24 months. Once contract is signed there are array of offers like free gifts and incentives to be taken.

Getting Galaxy S3 deals is also possible through online mobile portals that are present widely on the web. Through these portals buyers can compare and buy the device with best offers without going outside of their homes!

Get Clicked With Samsung Galaxy Camera!

Samsung Galaxy Camera Reviews – Love photography? Want best Pictures always? Well, Samsung after the successful array of smart phones brings Samsung Galaxy Camera. This is an ultimate gadget that will be loved by all those who like to click and who like to be clicked. The incredible technology in camera is here to change the future for good!

You can captures images with camera and directly load them at Instagram, Google+ and DropBox. You can also check various other applications like mail, calendar and even surf the web on move. Not only if you love to play games Samsung galaxy camera allows you to do just that with Angry birds. Check out latest videos with You Tube. This is the first time that any camera is giving experience like this to its users.

Galaxy Camera Deals

 Don’t take it as a Android phone with camera, rather is a amazing and extraordinary camera with inbuilt Android features. Though, it cannot make calls like an Android phone. The massive lens of the gadget stands at 16 MP with 21x optical zoom for pictures and videos like never before! There is 8GB in built memory which is sufficient for loading large number of apps, videos and of course images. You can further increase the space with micro SD card slot.

The screen stands at 4.8 inches with 720p touch screen which is responsive and produces sharp and clear images on screen. It is easy and fast to share your pictures and videos on social networking sites like Facebook with 3G connection!

Even Better Deals – Samsung Galaxy Note 2

When Galaxy Note was released in the market there were speculation regarding the success of the phone because of its size. But, eventually the phablet as it is called known being in between tablet and smart phone got hold of the market and is most demanded and sought after device. The Korean company has now announced sequel to the hit number with Galaxy Note 2. The new device is much improved than the previous with outstanding features, design, processor and camera.

Take a glance at the phone and you will find it to be extremely large. Even with its length an breath it is light and slim phone to carry around in your hand. The presence of the buttons has been kept to minimum. There are power button on the sides and volume rocker. There is dock for stylus as well.

Galaxy Note 2 Deals

Powered with quad core 1.6 GHz processor, the device runs extremely fast backed up with 2GB RAM is able to carry out lot of work quite admirably. It is fast in switching from one app to another and one web page to other.

Connect globally with smooth and fast 4G network present in the device. Running on Android 4.1 it behold swanky screen of 5.5 inches which is better than the previous by 0.2 inches. The AMOLED screen brings out best of graphics with HD videos to feast your eyes. With S- Stylus you can draw anything on other with pressure sensitive pen nib. It is also armed with 8MP with LED Flash to capture best and quality pictures anywhere and anytime.

Samsung Galaxy Y Designed for Youth!

Samsung Galaxy Y Reviews – Want a young and energetic phone for you? Well, Samsung Galaxy Y is designed especially for the youngsters like us. This budget oriented Android phone is among the most popular Samsung phone available in the market. The device can be yours through assorted mobile phone deals in UK. Though, there are several budget Android phones available through HTC and LG but nothing can beat the trust and quality of Samsung phones.

Samsung Galaxy Y Contract Deals


Like it budget, the design of the phone is also kept to the minimal. It can easily be the first phone of the youngsters or gift to your loved one. Being small and classy in its feel, it can easily be carried both in hands and pocket. It is available in two vibrant colors of White and Pink which are favorite among the young. The sleek phone is shiny in the front and has plastic at the back making it light just like Galaxy S2.

Screen is the place where compromise has been in order to bring down the price of the device. The three inches screen comes with low resolution of 320 X240 pixels making the images little fuzzy. Well, one can manage to read texts and browse the web pages with this display.

Running on Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread personalized with TouchWiz user interface. There are almost seven pages that can be filled with icons and widgets. Camera is 2MP at the back which is certainly far behind the high mega pixels snapper now available but given the budget range it does not hurt much.