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Samsung Galaxy Young
Looking for a phone that could easily suffice your basic communication need without putting too much pressure on your pocket. Well, after the wide range of high end phone, Samsung has come up with budget oriented phone with Samsung Galaxy Young. This device is designed to cater to the needs of the large users who do not want to run after fast and big phone.

This phone is also known as Galaxy Y where Y stands for young. This device has all the essential features that keep you connected throughout whether it is surfing the web, doing Facebook or just poking your friends. You can also keep Tweeting.

This phone lies at the bottom of the Galaxy range coming after Galaxy Mini. This affordable and spunky phone is also available in the market with lucrative mobile phone deals.


The overall designing of the phone is small and comfortable to hold. The easy to carry dimensions of the phone stands at 104 x 58 x 11.5mm and light weight of 112 grams.  The build quality of the phone is sturdy and feels solid while holding and when pressure is applied. The back of the phone is plastic and feels thick when removed.

At the back of the phone you will find camera of 2MP together with speaker. On the right side you will find just one button which is power and lock key. Being small in size the device is easy to use one handed as well.

There is just one button on the right hand side which is the power/lock key. Thanks to the Galaxy Y's small size, it is easy to reach when using one handed.

On the top of the phone you will find 3.5mm headphone that is used for plugging in the headphones to enjoy music on the go. On the left you will find volume rocker.

Coming to the front, there is three button combos present just below the screen. These are touch back, menu and physical home button. The home button has premium feel that makes it look little out of place.

Under the phone there is powerful 830MHz processor which is capable of running several applications with ease. The battery of the phone is 1200mAh. The phone is not in any speed race and manages to work out just fine.

Memory - 160 MB Expandable Upto 32GB

Samsung Galaxy Y comes with the internal memory of 160 MB which is further expandable to 32 GB through micro SD card slot. This space is more than enough to store huge amount of data in the form of music, games, videos and more.

Display - 3.2 Inch TFT Touchscreen

Get clear view of the images with screen that stands at 3.2 inches TFT Capacitive touch screen. The graphics produced on the screen are bright, sharp and crisp. The images are produced with resolution of 320X 480 pixels.  With the given price range it belongs the screen is modest and allows smooth surfing o f the web, playing games and reading mails and messages. You can also be active on various social networking sites as well.


There is only one camera in the phone that stands at modest 2MP rear facing that is capable of taking the shots at resolution of 1600 X 1200 pixels. The snapper is basic in nature and is not supported with flash, auto focus and tap focus. The shutter speed is fine and it takes only few seconds to open the camera app. There are 2X digital zoom in the phone to capture images much closer. But as you zoom the resolution of the images decreases.

There are three 3 shooting modes available in the phone that varies from single shot, panorama and smile shot. In smile shot the camera will not click the picture until there is smile in the picture.

There are 3 shooting modes to choose from; single shot, smile shot and panorama. When in smile shot mode the app prompts you to press the shutter button, but won't take a picture until it detects a smile.

In panorama mode you can put together up to 8 images to get one long images.

Galaxy Young Deals

Being youth oriented this phone is high in demand and hence is made available to the users with assorted mobile phone deals. The top deals of UK market are SIM Free, Pay as you go and contract mobile deals. The most popular deal remains to be Galaxy Young contract deals.

Contract deal consists of a contract between the potential user and the network operator. With contract done which is generally for the duration of 12, 18 and 24 months, the user is free to get array of offers like free gifts and incentives.

The free gifts given are laptop, LCD TV, DVD Player, Home theatre and Digital camera. Add to this cost saving incentives like free text messages, free talk time, reduced call rates and limited web browsing.

In addition Galaxy Y SIM free and Pay as you go deals are also high in demand particularly by those who do not want to get into long and tiring contract. SIM free and Pay as you go deal gives freedom to the user to select any of the networks that bestows them with maximum benefit.

Galaxy Young deals are also made available online. Today, you can find best deals online through the support of online mobile portals.  These portals have the entire top mobile network present at one place affording lucrative deal with the handset of your choice. All that is required is simple comparison and selection of the handset that you want to buy.

Galaxy Young Wrap Up

Samsung Galaxy Young is the phone designed especially for the young generation. The device has all the features that are sought after by the youth be it simple camera, Android operating system, powerful processor and many more. The comfortable design of the phone makes it portable to carry in your hands and in pocket with ease. There is smooth and fast connectivity to the web provided though GPRS, EDGE and 3G. Wi-Fi is also enabled in the phone. So, if you want feature packed phone with ease go for Galaxy Y.