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Galaxy Y has been taken as a front face of mid-range handsets that use Android OS and its applications. It houses everything that can be useful for you at every step of daily routine. As the manufacturer says, the handset represents the youth and that is why, it gets Y. The time has shifted to the cyber era and you need to be connected with the internet for your own comfort. Here, Galaxy Y enters your home with the great connectivity applications like EDGE, Wi-Fi and WLAN. You are well connected with your dears and friends with the help of handset.

Samsung Galaxy Y entertains newest technologies with the help of Gingerbread and 832 MHz processor. You find it more comfortable with the all applications and features. On the other side, the handset walks with 3 inches wide capacitive touch screen display with the resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. Though, the display may make you a bit disappointed, but its brightness would be smarter to please you.

If you are very fond of clicking images, you may not get it in your pocket. Having 2MP primary camera, the handset does not claim itself as a camera handset. You should pretend that the handset has no any primary camera, if you are buying it. But other facets of the handset have proved a lot. You would be happy to get all facilities at very low price. On the other side, the network providers have done a lot by offering the handset with inexpensive deals.