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Samsung Galaxy Y Reaching Out To The Younger Lot

We can start the analysis by figuring out why the `Y' in the name of the smartphone handset from the South Korean mobile phone giant. Well he letter Y denotes the fact that the smartphone device is meant for the younger generation. It addresses the needs of students, bachelors and others who are on the threshold of a bright career ahead and just about beginning to settle down in life.

Implying in other words that the Samsung Galaxy Y is a highly affordable smartphone. Well, to be honest it is certain very low priced. And Samsung has attempted to go the extra distance by adding some features that are way beyond the price of the handset. All in all, a sincere effort  on the part of the premier mobile phone company to make a smartphone device just for the younger lot. And that too with the coveted `Galaxy' brand attached to it.

Quite a few attractions at low prices!

The Samsung Galaxy Y  most certainly packs in a few attractions that will interest  our younger friends immensely.

On a more specific note, the Samsung Galaxy Y has the HTC Wildfire S as its immediate competitor in the mobile phone market place in UK.

With a smartphone handset that caters to nearly the lowest rung in the customer segment, you would have thought that there is very little to expect from this device. But you can very well. And be a little pleasantly surprised to find that at least a few of your aspirations are met by the Samsung Galaxy Y.

Actually, the Samsung Galaxy Y surprises  you greatly with its all encompassing look and feel. You do have a nice touch sensitive screen, a decent internet going and also a camera and more than satisfactory. The only hitch being, if it can be called that, is that all of them are on a relatively minor scale. This is understandable when both looked at from the customer stature point of view as well as the prices involved. 

Let us begin here by looking at areas where Samsung could have done better.

Shortcomings are there, but only few!

The Samsung Galaxy Y is a candy bar shaped smartphone that does look okay with is black and grey shades. But a closer look will make it immediately apparent for the user that the device has inferior quality metal and plastic used on it. This again is a understandable. But what is not is the lack of elegance or taste.

It is not as if Samsung does not have the requisite experience of producing smartphone handsets catering to the value end of the market. Samsung actually lost an important opportunity to deliver big on the design front for a more low priced smartphone. And probably some percentage of its intended clientele as well. The intended target are a lot who value looks greatly,  you see!

The other area where Samsung could have done better with the Samsung Galaxy Y is the relatively low resolution touchscreen. While the width of the screen itself is more than acceptable at three inches, we are not sure about the less bright res. Here again, the audience is such that they value very bright display with lots of color at the background.

We thought these where two areas where Samsung could h ave offered more without investing too much.

Positives are thankfully more in the Galaxy Y

Now for the positives. Thankfully, the pluses in the Samsung Galaxy Y far outweighs the negatives. Here we go –
  • The presence of the Android platform (the smartphone runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread version of the operating system) itself is a very good step. The accessibility to numerous applications from the Android store itself is sure to attractive our young customers in large numbers. Music, films videos and games and what not. You have it all here at the touch of a few buttons.
  • Even the 883 MHz processor is good enough for this particular smartphone handset. It is powerful enough to carry out all the various functions required of it and also to squeeze out the maximum from the operating software.
  • The two mega pixel camera also does a damn good job of obtaining for you some splendid still photographs as well as some memorable video recording done.
  • It is a fine 3G, and WI-fi smartphone with all the related data networking works like bluetooth technology, and USB port.
  • You have an additional 2GB of expandable memory to support the memory capacity that is given on board.

Prices are touching rock bottom!

The Samsung Galaxy Y is readily available for free under any number of cheap Samsung Galaxy Y contracts, SIM free and pay as  you go deals. You pay less than £ 10 per month for 24 months for getting it free. Any on e in the UK can and would happily offer this price fo r this smartphone device.



Samsung has done a marvellous job of squeezing in some high end qualities in a smartphone that well, is low priced. It is indeed a very resourceful smartphone device that satisfies more than your share of smartphone cravings.