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Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom
If you love taking bright and colorful pictures all day long then Samsung Galaxy Zoom is the phone for you. The overall look and appeal of the phone is very much similar to that of Galaxy S4. However, it is provided with much advance and innovative large sensor and 10 X optical zoom camera rendering you with the handset which is an ultimate camera phone.

Apart from the amazing camera there is screen of 4.3 inches having resolution of 960 X540 pixel display powered with dual core processor. These specs are nothing in comparison to that which is found in Galaxy S4 but these features are nothing in comparison to incredible camera that has been bestowed in the phone.

The phone will be out and available with assorted mobile phone deals soon.

Some of the attractive features of the phone include
  • Impressive screen at the front
  • Sleek and unibody design
  • Compact  Camera at the back


There is little confusion over the design of the phone. There is camera the back and display the front. You can take it vice versa as well. But since I am considering it a phone there is camera at back. Since the name of the device has itself been derived from the phone calling it a smartphone feels appropriate.

If you take a look of the phone from the back it looks like a typical compact digital camera. From the back you cannot identify that it is a phone. There is hard grip to the phone provided at one side and huge lens barrel on the other.

While from the front, it shows huge resemblance to Galaxy S4. It is bestowed with similar chrome effect with strides of same physical button with Home placed at the bottom. But once, you hold the phone in your hands all the illusion of S4 fades away.

With superb camera functionality enabled in the phone, it is almost obvious that phone is bulkier than any other smartphone released by Samsung in similar band. Even though it has compact digital camera, it is heavy in its configuration. The device can be put in the pocket making it more portable than the likes of dSLR and compact system camera. Well, you will still find it bulky than other small and portable snapper around.

As I have already said, if you are an avid lover photography then this phone is especially designed for you. You can take it anywhere with you without worrying about the other things. Now you no more have to hold the camera around your neck and carry the phone separately. It is possible to have both the things in one device itself.

Galaxy Zoom as a Flashy camera

With S4 Zoom, Samsung has widened its horizons, as it is the only smartphone in the market that is offering both optical, as well as a digital zoom.  The focal length of the images captured stands at 24mm. with this you are able to get wide angle enabling you to capture more scene in one picture. It is no more required to capture a beautiful wide scene much time from different angles to get the perfect picture.

The snapper at the back zoom the images to outstanding 10 xs, that more than enough to capture the moments and locales at far off places without going too near to get clean and sharp images.

The camera in zoom is controlled by a ring around the barrel. This ring is also used for setting up various controls and to bring out menus. This fast and sleek snapper can be used to capture an image in an instant and then be sent to a person through MMS.

Snapper is home to massive a highly impressive 16-megapixel backside illuminated CMOS sensor.  This is bigger and better than any camera found in any smartphones including Galaxy S4. However, it still cannot be compared to the likes of dSLR camera. The image quality is improved by many times with bigger sensor enabled in the phone.
The snapper has been bundled with 25 different scene modes from the likes of HDR, Panorama and night. You can select any of the scene mode or set it to auto mode to get the best experience with your snapper.


The front of the phone is home to screen which is a 4.3-inch affair with average 960x540-pixel resolution.  It is no way near to the likes of impressive screen of full HD display found on the S4.

Operating system and Processor

The power of the Galaxy Zoom rests in 1.5GHz dual-core processor as compare to quad core found in Galaxy S4. The presence of high processor would have made tasks of editing and enhancing the image quality a bit easier to do.

Running on the latest version Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system the phone allows easy access of the various camera features. The internal storage of the phone stands at 8GB which is further expandable through micro SD card slot. The battery is a fairly large at 2,330mAh that lasts long

Wrap Up

Samsung Galaxy Zoom is big and impressive phone that has been designed to capture big and bold images with its 16MP snapper. This notable phone is available in the market with assorted mobile phone deals. The top deals available are SIM Free, Pay as you go and Contract mobile deals.

With Galaxy Zoom contract deal which is made available in association with leading mobile networks there are array of offers to be grabbed which include free gifts and incentives. Free gifts given are laptop, digital camera and LCD TV. Besides, one can also save money with cost saving incentives like free text messages, free talk time and reduced call rates.

Galaxy Zoom deals are available through online mobile portals as well. These portals are home to all the top deals provided by the leading network at one place. Here, user can compare and select the handset of their choice with ease.