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Samsung Galaxy S3
It is not simple to review the most anticipated phone to year. And when you find Samsung Galaxy S3 in your hands one really understands the craze behind this phone. The overall look and feel of the phone is far more subtle than the other high end devices currently available in the market. There is no addition of the outstanding camera or out of blue display. The device has been designed on the lines of inspired by nature configuration. Besides, there are several hardware improvements that are worth mentioning such as quad-core processor and highly customized Android 4.0. Let’s explore more about the device with our detail review.


The new flagship phone from the South Korean offers nothing new in terms of the design. There is little addition of the rounded corners and glossy finish. But apart from this, all the other aspects of the configuration has been kept same with ear piece, speaker, grilles, camera and  home button placed  on the same position as Galaxy S2. Well in comparison to other companies like HTC, which tried something new with its latest device- One X, Samsung has kept it minimal.

Like all Samsung phones which are known to keep the things sophisticated and light, this one also keeps up the trend. With huge display of 4.8, Samsung has followed its very own tricks to keep the weight light and dimensions thin. With plastic casing and peel off rear the weight stands at 135 grams which is better than the similarly designed Lumia 900 weighing 160 grams.  This makes the device easy to carry in hands and even in the thinnest of jeans quite comfortably. Then there is huge and long lasting battery in the form of 2,100mAh. You can also store huge amount of data thanks to micro SD card slot that allows internal memory to be expanded to whopping 32B and 64B.The build of the phone is as good as ever that will lasts for years to come.

Outstanding Display

The major attraction of GS111 is huge and wonderfully designed 4.8 inches screen that produces images that are bright, colorful and extremely vivid. It comes with all the loved features that are found in any AMOLED screen rendering deep blacks and high pixel density to talk about. With such a big screen it is easier and much delightful to see images, read texts, surf the web. With resolution of 1280X 720, the high quality images are delivered effortlessly and also removing the hassles of the PenTile technology that Samsung uses in its phone.

Powerful Camera

The camera of GS111 captures images at a raw speed of six frames per second. Sporting the camera of 8MP, the snapper takes full advantage of the quad core engine.  The images produced are even better than the HTC One X in burst mode.  The high speed snapper enable one to capture more and interesting pictures rather than the usual ones. All the features present in Galaxy S2 have been passed to this device as well. There is Touch Wiz camera application too that allows manual control of the photos to make them look more creative in their approach.

Video recording is a breeze with autofocus best seen in any device. Regular videos are recorded at the speed of 1080p @ 30fps.

Performance and battery life

The new device performs really well with its Exynos Quad core processor that brings two cores to the device besides the popular NVIDIA's Tegra 3. The processor is so powerful that company has reduced the size of the transistor that no other capable of. This reduction leads to less pressure on the battery and more enhanced performance by the device. So, whether it is heavy duty websites or PDF’s in Polaris office, recording videos etc. the experience is smooth as silk.  One can also test the graphical components of the device by going for some of the augmented apps present.  In terms of performance, the device is certainly invincible.


The new flagship device is equipped with Android (Version 4) phone, along with TouchWiz skin. Thereby, besides having an array of widgets, menus, settings on the screen, the phone is also rendered with specific user interface known only to Samsung. There are additions of several apps that are highly functional and useful. Let’s take look at few of them.
There is 50GB of free Dropbox storage that gives you enough space to store your videos, photos and more. Another innovative feature is swiping of the contacts, with this you can send message to your friend by swiping to the left and right to call them instantaneously.
With Smart stay, screen will never turn off till you are looking at it. This wonderful feature is very helpful as most of the time screen turns off just when you have started understanding the texts. With social tag it is easier to stay connected with your friends. Once you click a picture, the device asks you to name it and from then on it recognizes it and links it.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Deals

Ever since its release the device has been in the market. With assorted mobile phone deals such as Contract mobile phone deals, SIM Free and Pay As You Go mobile deals, it is simpler and affordable to get this high end phone. All these deals are made available in association with all the leading mobile networks of UK which includes Vodafone, Three, T-mobile and O2.

Among all the deals available, the most demanded and popular is the contract mobile phone deals. With Galaxy S3 contract deals, there are several flexible offers and cost effective incentives and free gifts. The contract deal comes for the duration of 12, 18 and 24 months. Free gifts given along with the handset are Laptop, LCD TV and DVD Player. Also, cost saving incentives include free text messages, free talk time, reduced call rates, limited web surfing ,instant cash back to name a few.

Moreover, nowadays mobile deals are also available online. Through several online mobile portals, it is easier and much better to search for the most competitive deal. Here, it is easy to compare and then select the most desirable deal while sitting at your home.


Samsung Galaxy S3 has array of new and innovative features that make it an amazing device to bring home. With enhanced built quality and large display, the handheld makes a unique impression. Rendered with the faster and stronger processor, running of all applications is a breeze. Highly powerful camera of 8MP captures best picture ever. There are certain drawbacks as well, such as S-voice which is replication of the Apple’s Siri but fails to make an impression.