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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

The Soul

Samsung never seems to be appeared as weak performer in the market, so it comes out with something new. This time, it makes you get the experience of Galaxy S3 in form of Galaxy S3 Mini priced at inexpensive prices. The soul of the handset moves around the latest edition of Android, so the handset is doing well in mid-range mobile phones arena.

Points To Be Noted

Latest Android flavour and mid-range price tag, these are two points that must be noted while selecting Galaxy S3 Mini.

Handset Body

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is possibly the most celebrated handset ever designed, housing latest edition of Android Jelly Bean, and having large display measuring 4.8 inches. Samsung clearly understands that the prices of its mostly accepted handset also. The S3 Mini is not likely to provide performance beyond its older brother, but the most amazing fact is here that the handset has been tagged inexpensively. 

Here, the review has been worded very carefully to make you get everything what you need. It focuses on its full specifications and pros and cons as well.

Design and Display

The handset seems like a to some extent tinier edition of Galaxy S3. It has a curved elliptical figure along with a near-rectangular home key be located just beneath the large display. Unluckily, whereas the S3 Mini is slighter than the S3, it is in fact somewhat thinner, measuring 9.85mm thickness, matched with its older brother’s 8.6mm. That is scarcely too obese to grip and the handset would certainly fit in your palm without any problem.

It includes a high-end display that plays very important role in making of S3 Mini. It has been awarded very latest features and technologies. Here, the display features Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen and measures 480 x 800 pixels. As you know it very well that it is in fact tough to have a handset with such blessed display in mid-range prices, so it must be some cheering moment for you.

On the other side, the resolution that the display measures is not the point for raising one’s finger, on the contrary, we think that it can produce decent experience of photos, videos and web surfing as well.

If you in deep, you find the same quality of display in Samsung’s other handset Galaxy S Advance. If the price of the handset falls in your budget, the handset may be outstanding.


As Samsung has put its focus on the velocity of Galaxy handsets, this time again, you find Galaxy S3 Mini with great velocity with the help of dual-core processor 1GHz. And once again, it is housing similar fuel as Galaxy S Advance. On the other side, it houses Android’s latest flavour Jelly Bean. You must know that there are very few handsets in the market where you find them with the latest edition of Android, so it must be very positive point of Galaxy S3 Mini.

The latest flavour leaves an array of taste. Here, you would find some novel applications of Android. Besides, some other apps like Google Talk, Gmail, Document viewer and others would be undoubtedly placed inside the handset.

On the back side of Galaxy S3 Mini, you come to get a 5MP primary camera. Here, it may be some discontentment for your taste. As the time has transformed as per the technology, you may not find everything what an 8MP camera contains. But, you should stop thinking a lot, and just click an image; it would stand with your expectation.

When you turn to the side, you get a slot for external memory card. Samsung has permitted to contain the data upto 16GB.


Apart from the latest face of Android, the handset houses some other useful software and applications. Samsung’s TouchWiz interface has been celebrated a lot in the market, and this Galaxy S3 Mini sports with the interface. Besides, it brings image-sharing apps among the other connected handsets, and the outstanding S Beam, a minor difference from the Android Beam file-sharing structure using NFC to knock 2 handsets jointly. In the same moment, it comes with S Voice which is considered as a reply to Apple’s Siri app. S Voice is dedicated voice reorganisation software that responds to your voice. Apart from these, the handset houses an array of features that beautify the handset. Here, it contains a feature that senses your sight. Whenever you put your eye-sight on the display it automatically lit-up, moreover, DLNA assists you transport substance as images and videos to the attuned handsets.

If you are searching for a Galaxy S3 with a somewhat smaller display, keep looking, the Mini’s hardware is far more diffident than the handset it shares it name from. The benefit of packing junior is that the handset is expected to be tagged practically priced. And housing an advanced edition of Android is certainly strong side of the handset. And most importantly, Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini attracts our attention with its design and outlook. So, Samsung has done everything what should be in the market to infuse positive message.

Targeting the mid-range mobile phone market, Samsung’s intention appears clearly here. It wants to throw strong competition in the market. More importantly, it is likely to take advantage of Christmas upgrades along with plea to those who get the bigger display of crest Android handsets excessively weighty. It would vie in a straight line with its closest rival Apple’s offerings.