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Samsung Galaxy S Advance is enhanced and better version of Galaxy S. It is so well equipped that it looks similar to that of Galaxy S2. The specs put in the phone are fine and comes within the range of mid- range phone. So, if you gave been looking for an affordable Android phone then this is the phone for you. This comes around with affordable mobile phone deals.

S Advance is so popular that those who want Galaxy S2 go for this device as it comes without burning hole in your pocket. The first thing that captures your attention as you look at the phone is the screen. The 4 inches glass panel is Super AMOLED technology that is highly demanded among the buyers as it produces bright and sharp images. Color also comes out well making them look simply pop up. The curvy design feels good in hands. The resolution of the screen is also high at 480 X 800 pixels. All the stuff on the screen looks very much clear and brighter. The viewing angle is also fine.

The thickness of the phone is 9.6mm that may not be the thinnest around but looks slim. The handheld feels light at the weight of 120 grams. Build quality of the phone has been maintained and feels solid with metallic trim present around the sides. Powered by dual core processor there are plenty of apps to lay your hands on. You can capture amazing pictures with camera of 5MP. The device is available through all the Samsung Galaxy S Advance deals.