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Samsung Galaxy S Advance


You will definitely not feel misled in the market when you are looking for a mid-range handset. Galaxy S Advance is another inexpensive handset from Samsung that has already introduced some cheap mobile phones containing high-end features. Looking like S2, Galaxy S Advance houses updated software and applications.

Firm points

If you would look inside the handset, you get dual-core chip and an extension slot for microSD cards. Besides, it carries large super AMOLED display.


The handset has been made with Android Gingerbread and it may be some kind of obstacles in the way. Besides, it gets covered by plasticky rear side.


Samsung has earned very huge popularity in the market and it has become very firm rival at the same time. And among its most celebrated handsets, Galaxy S2 stands in the front line. Samsung Galaxy S2 had made the handset most useful in the people’s life. Apart from iPhone and BlackBerry, Samsung has succeeded to set up an array of business-handsets. Here, this time again, the market has caught another Galaxy named Samsung Galaxy S Advance.

Galaxy S Advance is considered as a washed edition of previous Galaxy S but has inspired from S2 in terms of design. It falls in mid-range values and carries intention to target those people who wish to experience latest Galaxy features through inexpensive way.


In the first glance, you get its large display most appealing. As the maker believes, Galaxy S Advance has great potential to attract the people even with its attractive display. This 4 inches wide panel rolls in AMOLED capacitive, Samsung’s favourite technology. The display is intense and vibrant, with shades that have a propensity towards being over-saturated that turns colours actually pop out. Have a glance watchfully, and you would get that the display is somewhat bent so it fits cosily against your jaw. Face-hugging away, there is not a great deal of sensible advantage to that bend, but it is an understated design feel that seems rather cool.

Though the display does not count huge resolution, but you would not get it out of the time. Apart from its comparatively overall resolution, the handset’s evenly bent sheet is an appealing nice position to watch videos and images, providing a lot of space and making your bits and pieces appear vivid and bright. The presentation angle is also nice. Display could positively be crisper but for the money your spending is yet appealing polished.

On the front arena, the handset gives space for some physical keys. As you have found a rectangular-shaped key in all Samsung, here it also has a physical key that is simple to tap but it does sense on the cheap side. There are also 2 touch buttons on both side of home key. The keys would stay unseen until you put your finger on them. If you have not experienced any Galaxy handset previously, it may be some kind of annoying tasks when you do not know which one to press.


The elegant face of the handset is almost certainly the strong point of this inexpensive handset but its hardware is yet well thought-of. It gets fuelled by 1 GHz dual core processor. There are extra firm chips inside the handset. When you visit websites, the performance of processor comes out and you get exactly that how long the processor can go. Here, the handset Galaxy S Advance would not disappoint you at this moment. If you are downloading light apps, it would get in your handset within seconds. Besides, the handset is much quick to click an image. But you should not wait for more from the processor when you are working on heavy applications. It may have a falter in their move and even Facebook page takes some moment.


Samsung has focussed on battery back-up and it is making its all handsets loaded with enduring battery. Samsung surmises the 1500 mAh battery is ideal for up to 7 hours on 3G network. Moreover, if you put your handset in standby mode on 3G network, the handset can run 550 hours before asking for the charging, as per the technical details of Galaxy S Advance.


Samsung Galaxy S Advance gets 5MP rear camera with no more resolution. Here, it may be disappointing you to some extent, when the handsets are getting high-end features with huge resolution. But again, I would like to mention that these all are much in pocket-friendly budget. Moreover, it provides you with a secondary camera measuring 1.3MP that would be much helpful while talking on 3G.

Operating system

The handset houses not the latest edition but very celebrated one of Android. It contains Android v2.3 Gingerbread. It is still with a number of apps and widgets and it would certainly attract you. Like other Galaxy handsets, it houses TouchWiz that offers you several home displays to punch around and trap out with applications and widgets.

Apart from these all, the handset is a solid addition to the Galaxy array. There is no any doubt that the handset has been designed in such a way that the mid-range people may attract towards it. Samsung has tried to acquire not only highly-priced mobile phones market, but also those where a number of people come to get a handset.

Samsung Galaxy S Advance Deals & Offers

All the prominent network service providers such as Vodafone, Virgin, O2, orange etc have offered their inexpensive plans under Samsung Galaxy S Advance deals. Here, you would be collecting a bagful benefits with Galaxy S Advance contract deals and at the same time, other two plans as PAYG and SIM free have been also introduced with the handset for those who do not spend more on the mobile phone bill. Most importantly, the handset can be also fetched absolutely free with some plans of contract deals.