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Samsung Galaxy Pocket
Samsung phones are well known and are used by millions of users around the world.  The company is revered not only for its high end smart phones but the firm also comes up with decent mid range phones that can be easily bought by the masses. One such phone available in the market is Samsung Galaxy Pocket.

It comes with Android operating system like all the phones from Samsung. The best fact about Android is that it is quite flexible in nature and can be used on any hardware with ease. It is thus perfectly suited to high end smart phones like Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 and S4 and similarly well suited for Pocket and Ace.

Talking of Pocket, it can be said that it is the most basic phone one can buy from Samsung, However, it still offers plenty of features like efficient Android operating that make the device capable of running all the applications and operations with ease. The screen at the front is moderate with resolution which just manages to bring out the images and graphics in decent form. But, given the price tag it comes with it is most affordable purchase one can make in mobile phone.

Let’s take a look at the details of the device

Typical Design

The design of the phone is on the lines of Galaxy S que that is easy to hold and carry. The device is light thanks to the use of plastic for configuring the phone. It comes with the thickness of 12mm and weight of mere 95 grams.

In comparison to other budget oriented phones available in the market, one may not find the looks of the phone that appealing. Instead, other manufacturers offer great design like Xperia X8 and more.

If you could look at the things from far, you might have retina display in your Pocket. Yes, the display of 2.8 inches which is QVGA display with resolution of 240 X 320 pixels looks great when viewed from far.  But, it is not that bad either and one gets used to it on regular use.  Viewing angles are just average but thankfully they look fine in light. Samsung has made certain compromises to give you Android handset that easily fits in your budget and pocket.

On the design front, there is Volume rocker on the left. On the sides there are integrations for micro USB for sharing and transfer of data and 3.5mm jack to plug in the headphones to listen to the music. There is power button on the right. At the back of the phone you will find camera to capture images and record videos. On removing the back cover you will battery compartment.

Next comes the best part, the device comes with Android operating system unlike Ice Cream Sandwich which is found in  most of  the budget oriented handset. Here, you will find all the applications that are seen in big budget phones like widgets, YouTube, Google Play store and Multiple Home screens.

With you can play almost all the applications including games like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja? But, the sad part is the presence of small screen that makes running of these applications a tough task to do.


Samsung Galaxy Pocket comes with screen of 2.8 inches which is home to one screen QWERY keypad that allows users to type both in portrait and landscape mode with ease. But, if by any chance you have long fingers then you must look for another device.

Connectivity - GPRS, EDGE, 3G

There are all the integrations present in the phone that allows smooth and fast browsing of the web. You can surf the web, play games online, search contents, read papers, watch videos, and listen to music all online with connectivity options like GPRS, EDGE and 3G. Wi-Fi is also available in the phone to allow free connection to Internet wherever Wi-Fi hot spot is available. Share and transfer your data with Bluetooth and USB.

Processor and Memory

The processor of the powering the device is simple single core 832MHz processor which is not also but works fine in carrying out all the operations. The movement is smooth and seamless.

Internal memory of the phone is 3GB which is not found in many budget oriented phones and moreover you can also store large amount of data like music, videos, games, and more with ease through expandable memory of 32GB provided through micro SD card slot.

Camera - 2MP

There is nothing much to write about the camera feature. It comes with snapper of 2MP fitted at the back to capture basic images. There is not much of expectation on this segment as there are many high mega pixel cameras available in the market.

Videos are recorded at resolution of 320x240 which is quite basic in nature and many will avoid recording video with the same. Videos are recorded at 14 frames per second.

Battery- 1200 mAH/6Hrs

Battery of the phone is 1200 mAh that gives power of 6 hours of talk time and 19 days of standby time.


In all, Samsung Galaxy pocket can be the first Android phone buyers. Those who want to understand the working and the applications of the Android phone can easily buy the same. This simple and basic phone is available through lucrative mobile phone deals.

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