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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the most awaited and well deserved successor to Galaxy Note. There are mixed feelings about the handset whether it is a mini tablet or a superb gadget. Whatever it is, it impresses with its features and outstanding looks. The device is available through all the leading mobile deals available in the UK market.

Many people will think that it is only the size that is most interesting in this phone. Besides, the size the phone also features several functional apps that have lot to offer. Size is not the issue with the device as the phone easily adjusts in your jeans and hands. The device is also easy to use with single hand as well.

On the design front there is power button on the right hand with volume controls on the left. There is 3.5mm jack on the top to listen to your favorite tracks. Attach USB with socket present at the bottom. With memory card slot you can increase the memory to massive 64 GB as well. 8MP camera is fitted at the back to capture amazing pictures.

The most exciting feature of this device is the pen. With this it is easy draw, write text messages and do lot of tweeting. With Jelly Bean the phone runs extremely fast. With Samsung Galaxy Note 2 deals one can easily get this amazing handset at most affordable price. The most popular deal present in the market is contract deal. These are made in association with top mobile operators like Vodafone and Three.