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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Samsung phones are much renowned and sought after in the mobile market. One such device that has made name for itself is Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. This large and powerful tablet is taken as bigger and better version of Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note both of which are immensely popular in UK market.

Note 10.1 comes with bigger and brighter screen that stands at 10.1 HD touch screen that makes it useful and  functional for various kinds of work like browsing the web, playing games and watching movies. In short, this machine has been designed for productivity and creativity taken together. Running on the latest version of Android 4.0(Ice Cream Sandwich) the phone offers you plethora of activities to do in your device from customization to expansion.

Applications and media

This latest tablet from the South Korean firm also works out as media device that offers best music and audio quality to the buyers. Besides the phone also have various applications that work out as computing solution for creating documents and sending mails. You can use web browser for using all the content that is present in your home or office Pc when you are away from it. You can easily access plethora of applications and even download then through Google Play store. Some of the pre loaded apps include Gmail, Maps, G Talk and You Tube among others.

Innovative S pen

There is S pen in the tablet in order to make it more productive and useful in nature. With this in your hand you no longer require paper and pen to write down the notes. You can use S pen just like any other pen to write down the notes, create, and edit documents. Moreover one can also get into digital designing and share then through web and email.

The device also supports handwriting recognition that makes it simpler and faster to carry out your work on the move. There is palm rejection factor also enabled in the phone that will reject the accidental flash of your hand on the screen will not disturb the work you are doing. If that is not enough there is shape and formula match also enabled in the phone that allows you to draw perfect figures and formulas with its support.

Photoshop and Memory

Getting better and brighter design becomes all easier with Adobe Photoshop Touch installed in the phone that allows users to edit, add effects and share it all with your friends. On the memory front, there is 2GB of free cloud storage and expandable memory of 64GB to store unlimited data in the Note 10.1 in the form of music, games and images.

Multiscreen Functionality

The front of the tab is home to responsive and highly functional PLS TFT Capacitive screen that has resolution of 800 X 1280 pixels. The screen stands at massive 10.1 inches with 16 million color supports to bring out best of images and graphics giving vivid experience to the users. The user interface of is seamless Samsung Touch WIZ UI.

With multi screen functionality it is smooth and faster to work on the tablet rendering similar experience that you find on a desktop computer. You can see web pages while working on S Note. Read your mails and also see the attachments all at once.

All Share Play

With this you can easily share and show your friends your images and play the music you like with other Samsung phones wirelessly. With All Share cast you can connect your tab to large TV to show contents of your tab. This app is useful for gaming and video playback.


Capture your moments with camera of 5MP that is fitted at the back with resolution of 2592 X 1944 pixels bringing out the images that are bright, live, crisp and sharp. The image quality is further enhanced with LED Flash and Geo tagging supported. Videos are recorded at 720p@30fps. With secondary camera of 1.9MP one can carry out video calling and capture self portrait pictures.

Galaxy Note 101.1 Deals

Taking into consideration the high demand of the tablet, there has been announcement of various mobile phone deals as well. These are SIM Free, pay as you go and Contract mobile deals. With Galaxy Note 10.1 contract deals there are array of offers to be grabbed these are free gifts and incentives.

Contract deals is for the duration of 12,18 and 24 months, when the contract is signed user can avail wide range of free gifts like free laptop,LCD TV, DVD Player, Home theatre, SLR Digital camera and many more. In addition users are also allured with cost saving incentives like free text messages, free talk time, reduced call rates, limited web browsing , instant cash back and reduced call rates.

Galaxy Note 10.1 deals are also available online through assorted online mobile portals; these portals are home to best deals that are rendered by the top mobile networks like Vodafone, Three, T-mobile and O2. Here potential buyers are free to compare and then select the deal that is most close to their budget and demand. The ease of simple comparison and selection has completely changed the way of buying the lucrative handset.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 wrap Up

This latest tablet from Samsung is powerful and huge in size. It is perfect combination of work and play. With this in your hand it is easy to carry out official work and have entertainment as well.

This comes on board with smart display bundled with smart features such as Pop up that allows users to watch the videos and simultaneously carry out other work as well such as reading mails, web browsing and more. It is also possible to drag the video and resize it according to your use. Smart Stay is another feature that shines. This feature does not allow screen to turn off until you are watching it.

In short, this tablet is great buy with its design, powerful processor and extra ordinary features.