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Looking for best smart phone launch of the year? Well, Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the one that has been making headlines with Android 4.0 OS. This device has been designed on the motto of making life simpler and better. Through, mobile phone deals you can easily get the device.
Galaxy Nexus is a giant phone with screen of 4.6 inches having incredible resolution. Even with such big size the phone measures exactly like iPhone 4S at 140 grams. Being large, it has been ergonomically well designed keeping it slim that easily fits into your hands. With textured back it is easy to grip and hold. There is no micro SD card slot present in the phone to store unlimited data.

With screen of 4.6 inches including the resolution of 1280x720, the images come out to be bright and colorful. It is very much similar to Galaxy S2 powered with 1.2 GHz processor to run several applications.

Images are captured with the snapper of 5MP that are brought out perfectly fine. There is high speed to capture great pictures. There is no delay in clicking one picture and then moving on to the next. Then, there is amazing single panorama picture as well incorporated in it.

This phone is available in the market through various Samsung Galaxy Nexus deals. These deals are made available in association with top mobile operators. The leading mobile operators give deals like SIM Free, Pay As You Go and Contract mobile deals.