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Samsung Galaxy Nexus


Though the handset lacked the sophisticated visuals of other high end smartphones, Samsung Galaxy Nexus leaves its impression with its larger high definition display measuring 4.65 inches and newest edition of Android.

Positive Facets

  • It carries HD display,
  • It houses latest Android v4.1
  • And it makes you video recording more enjoyable.


  • Having fixed with 5MP rear camera,
  • Design is a slight lifeless and
  • More importantly, it does not let you enlarge its memory space.


Samsung does not wait for the time it walks a step ahead in the market where it has to fight with the most influential makers like Apple and Motorola. Besides, to throw very strong competition into the market, it makes its celebrated handsets available with the latest updates. This time, it has come out with the galaxy Nexus housing updated OS Android v4.1 Jelly Bean.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus was the first samsungee to move on Android ICM and just after one year, it has started to roll over the newest flavour Jelly Bean. It is an update that maintains it as germane as always and we also keep our page updated with the latest moves in the market. We can say here, that you find its other applications and hardware as firm as before. Comprising of 5MP rear camera with 1080p video recording, the handset has found large display that measures 4.65 inches wide and resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels.

On the other side, you may find some differences in the mobile phone deals that have been tagged with the handset. You can roam here to find the latest updates on Samsung Galaxy Nexus deals.

Does it worth to stay with you?

If you have played with the other Nexus handsets, you may be getting some points here. The newest flavour of Jelly Bean is excitement enough for many committed ushers to have it. Making no any slip-up, Galaxy Nexus is a gravely striking gadget. It trumps the Nexus S in every possible way. Wide display featuring Super AMOLED touch screen has to be seem to be understood. It presents high definition with peerless viewing approach.

Regardless of the fact that numerous smartphones are yet working with the Ginger Bread, but the designer Google has not stopped its journey and in consequences, we have Jelly Bean. It is advancement rather than an upheaval, an effort to process what the firm did with Android 4. And again this time, Galaxy Nexus is Google’s model carrier, bringing people their first flavour of newest OS. Along with Android v4.1, Samsung Galaxy Nexus gets fuel from 1.2 GHz processor and 1GB RAM.

If you are well versed with the basics of ICM, you will not get an immediate modify with the new edition as the Google maintained the identical appearance of 3D sections and ice blue highlights. Similarly, thumping around the home display, applications and widgets list senses quick and smooth. But Jelly Beans account on ICM with novel features and modifications in operation and sensitivity. Google’s statement is that the latest OS offers creamy graphics and smooth moves. Tapping around the handset undoubtedly senses smooth.

Other facet which has had a rapid advancement with the Jelly Bean update is the primary camera. After clicking the images, you can now swing directly from the lens vision to the gallery view to enjoy the images you have a moment ago clicked.  

Another V4.1 twist is a more sophisticated foretelling keyboard to enhance guesses the after that word you are drafting. Word forecast also gets better the more you practice it. And if you wish to articulate rather than compose your note, the newest operating system has helps for offline voice typing; therefore, you must not bother about the connectivity features to dictate mails or text. 

These combination really enhances you experience with the Galaxy Nexus. The handset itself measures large dimension of 135.5 x 67.9 x 8.9mm, however it is really to some extent smaller than the Samsung’s most celebrated smartphone Galaxy S3.

The both sides of the handset are honestly decorated with the most useful keys like power and standby. Besides, you find 3-pin charging port and its left area has been provided for the volume key. Entire phone has been shaped in curve design most resembling the highly successful handset S3 but it is not very strict.

The back portion has its design signs from the Galaxy S2 with a break on cover that senses somewhat uncouth to grant a good hold. It gets both Google and Samsung logos on the rear side. You may be some disappointing when you do not find any dedicated ports for the external memory. Here, the handset is not in mood to let you enlarge its memory capacity. As you have got many times in our reviews, the face keys are in fact element of the display itself. When it is powered off, they peter out from your view. In this situation, the handset looks like a piece of black plastic. Gratefully, there is a notification LED at the base of the display and it bounces into existence when you find an email or massage, taking you back that your handset is completely useful. Some other points from the design point of view are the microUSB jack fixed on the base of the handset, 3.5mm port put next to the charging jack and a queue of metal dots on the right part of the gadget.

Apart from these all, the handset does carry very pleasant vehicle to take to the web world. With the help of connectivity applications and latest OS of course, you would be jumping on the web pages very frequently. Besides, social networks would be making you be in touch with your dears. Being an Android handset, you would not be left without any document viewer applications. At the same time, Galaxy Nexus comes with other Google applications like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Talk and others. The internet browsers have had some TLC also, along with enhanced rendering velocity, scrolling and zooming.

Regardless of all, you find some modifications in Google’s most celebrated sites like YouTube and its social platform Google+. Where YouTube has been provided with the new look spotting column of videos on the left side, at the same time, you find Google+ with some new features.

Somewhere else, if you have made your fingers more addictive of Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich, you find the Galaxy Nexus with very friendly operations. But, if you have been using Ginger Bread, the new flavour would certainly leave something new. Overall, the new changes to the handset are remarkable moves. There are tons of orderly modest jerks like being capable to turn down a phone call with one out of many stock SMS respond. You are well permitted to reach the primary camera from the locked screen.

If you actually wish to hold it, it is a good chance to bag the handset at inexpensive plans offered by various providers.