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Samsung Galaxy Music
When it was rumoured that Samsung is going to come out with a budget handset in name of Galaxy Music, the market actually got a little bit surprised. In the year 2012, it is seen introducing very high-end devices and has also gained very huge popularity and now it has officially announced Samsung Galaxy Music with latest Android’s apps and other features. Besides, the handset has been made with some especial features that would be very helpful for music entertainment. The handset has been provided with something more facilities. Apart from FLAC, OGG and other files, Galaxy Music has housed Sound Alive and SRS audio modes and an intended music key.

So, the handset has appeared to remedy the situation with the help of dedicated music keys along with stereo speakers. The specifications are ho-hum, but the handset promises some additional for music aficionados, therefore it is supposed to attract you. Here, you would find a detailed review of Samsung Galaxy Music and there will be certainly something inherent in it that would assist you to decide about the handset.


As it is habitual for teen-intended handsets, we have a devise with showy colour and a lot of chrome-like edge supplied. In the matter of the handset, nevertheless, you too have metal cover over 2 speakers on the fore side, a stuff Samsung does not use very frequently in its handsets. The petite smartphone is very effortless to grip and run with your fingers, fitting contentedly in your palm with its curved edge. This is on the flabby side, but nothing too impressive and intolerable, as the weight is kept in try. On the other side, the handset earns very huge popularity with the help of its SIM card slot and microSD card slot that helps you to extend its memory power.

Looking at its edge, we get some dedicated keys for important functions. On the right side, the handset has fixed keys for Play or Pause that would also work when the handset is locked.

Display - LCD Touch Screen

Samsung Galaxy Music comes with 3 inches wide LCD touch screen measuring 240 x 320 pixels. Though the handset does not place any special effects for display, but you would be getting some exciting features in Galaxy Music.

Operating System - Android ICS

Samsung Galaxy Music has been powered by Android’s ICS that comes to make your fingers move very smoothly. As Samsung Galaxy puts very special focus on its operating system and so Galaxy Music has got ICS along with latest apps and features. Besides, it is covered with Samsung’s own TouchWiz UI on top. It makes you much enjoy with the help of its widgets and connectivity toggles in the notification bar. There is a cute unused use of transparencies and midway animations matched up to the huge competence Galaxies, as the processor is not much influential to help those generously. Besides its own applications and media Hubs, Samsung has only preinstalled Quick office for Microsoft suits and PDF files.

As you can with no trouble deduce, texting on the tiny display is not much effortless, particularly with larger hands and the detail that the keyboard doesn’t revolve in backdrop mode is not helping also.


Samsung Galaxy Music get power from Android, at the same time the handset is fuelled by 850 MHz processor. Therefore, the handset has sufficient power to drag through your day by day tasks and interface navigation, but frequently has hiccups whilst filling applications or running more challenging. On the other side, Galaxy Music gets 512 MB of RAM that also assists the handset to run smoothly. The best part of the handset is its memory capacity that can be extended with the help of microSD and it can be enlarged upto 32GB, though the handset comes with 4GB of internal memory space.

Internet connectivity

The internet browsing in the smartphone is a fundamental ICS edition of Android, with no Adobe Flash application and to some extent uneven panning and scrolling credit to the moderately sluggish processor. The low resolution thickness is a pity, also, but you are doubtful to employ it on such a little display for hours on end at any rate. It exercises the vital connectivity apps like 7.2 Mbps HSDPA downloads, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS.


The handset has also not much point to claim itself as best camera handset. It fixes 3MP camera on the back side. It doesn’t have flash facility to get your images in best quality. Besides, its interface is rather basic. Looking into its Camera apps store, it has something to polish your experience. The images themselves exhibit more than enough detail for the resolution, but the colours appear to some extent bland matched with reality and the white balance is off at times. The handset makes videos in the resolution of 320 x 240 pixels which is only good for enjoying on the phone’s mediocre display.


In spite of its music speciality, the handset does not come out with any additional in the previously cute rich TouchWiz tunes player. The normal song classification options are there, with Music Square disposition matrix. The player edge is simple to run, with resonance effects and equalizers unswervingly reachable with the song the playing with the knock of key. You find it with 2 stereo speakers and the abounding Sound Alive and SRS Surround Sound forms do make the music more concentrated, hitherto on the whole the speakers are zilch to write home about, not so much in terms of might, but in terms of music excellence, read nothing inspiring when it appears to simplicity and completeness.

In the market, the handset has been offered with lucrative plans of Samsung Galaxy Music deals and they have been designed to present as much possible as they can. You would find the plans with beneficial offers containing free electronic devices along with some incentives also. Besides, the handset comes at reduced prices with all plans.