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Samsung Galaxy Fame
Samsung phones are the most popular and sought after device sin the world. The classy design and user oriented features have made them first choice of many potential buyers. There are many new and attractive phones available in the market. From the likes of high end smart phones like Samsung Galaxy S3 to latest launch Samsung Galaxy S4.  Not all the buyers can afford to buy such high spec phones with even higher price tag. To make it easier for the masses the South Korean based company has released Samsung Galaxy fame which is compressed version of Samsung Galaxy s3 mini.

There are plenty of useful and engaging features in the phone that include screen of 3.5 inches at the front that gives out best images and details in all light conditions. Powered with 1 GHz processor, there is no looking back for this smart device. But the major factor for its appeal lies in its price tag. With its low price it offers best of Android and Samsung together.

With the handset you will find

  1. Wall Charger
  2. Start Guide
  3. Micro USB cable

Let’s take a look at some of its amazing features


Talking of the design the Galaxy fame is small and cute phone that has the shape like that of a pebble. It is handy and easy to carry both in hands and pocket of your jeans. The presence of curvy body makes it smooth to hold the device in hands for long time. The light weigh of the phone is due to the use of plastic for making the entire phone. Still, it does not feel cheap and is in fact sturdy in its feel. The only glitch is the finger smudges that are left on the front and back due to its glossy finish.

There are physical buttons intact in the phone. These include volume rocker on the left, home button below the display and power key on the right. All of these are easy to use and operate. Along with the home button there are two capacitive buttons as well that complements the same. There is presence of 3.5mm jack on the top to plug in the headphone and listen to your favorite track with ease. Then, there is rear camera at the back.

Pretty Display

Like the design of the phone display of the phone is pretty too. It comes with decent screen of LCD in nature that is quick and responsive in nature. Resolution of  the phone ins 320X 480 pixels which might not be the  highest  and brightest resolution available in  mobile phone but it is still well enough for the price under which the device comes. The color resolution is moderate and manages to render decent looking images and graphics. You can boast the brightness of the phone to maximum to get bright and colorful images.

Operating System

Galaxy fame works with Android 4.1.1 Jelly bean that make is best to use and operate. There is custom user interface that comprises of several functional tweaks that are visual in nature as well. There are motion gestures as well like shaking the phone in order to refresh the information that was available on the screen. You can move the screen down in order to mute the phone.

There is no dearth of the widgets as well as it comes with tons of pre loaded. These are alarm widget, clock widget, weather widget and many more that make your life simpler and organized. Then, there is notification bar that has all toggle switches for your convenience.

Typing of the mails and messages can be done with on screen key board. It is tiny and narrow that could make fast tying a little difficult.  To make it little better there is in built spell checker that will take care of the errors you are likely to make while typing. Moreover, you can use swiping input method as well that is much effective than the former and is easy to get comfortable with.

Fast Processor and Massive Memory

Powered with 1GHz single core processor supported with 512MB RAM that device comes with high speed and functionality.  Enhanced performance of the device can be seen while switching between the apps. Playing large number of games like Angry Birds and Temple run 2 is fast and exhilarating.

On the storage side there is internal storage of 4GB which is expandable through micro SD card slot. With expanded memory you can store large amount of music, videos, games, files and more. There is cloud storage as well which stands at 50GB that is included for 2 years absolutely free.

Impressive camera

Even though it is a low end phone it comes with impressive camera of 5MP that is mediocre at its best. The camera comes with auto focus to capture amazing looking pictures and proves quite beneficial.  The resolution of the images produced is 640 X 480 pixels.

The user interface of the camera is easy to use as well.

Samsung Galaxy Fame Conclusion

The trendy and small Samsung Galaxy Fame is your compact phone with all the necessary features combined together with affordable price tag. Being Android in nature it gives all the necessary apps and widget which are found in many smart phones. Camera of 5MP is a unique and must desired addition that makes it a preferred choice for many.

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