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Samsung Galaxy Europa
Samsung comes with its new handset Galaxy Europa that follows the same trend what Samsung has been doing so for many years. Being a Samsung handset, it runs on Android OS that renders very pleasing interface. But there are some pros and cons with the handset that you may not be wishing to get. These are as follows –


  • Running on Android v2.1
  • High-end touchscreen technology
  • Upright design


  • does not have Flash support
  • does have no more multi-touch

Samsung has done very impressive job in very recent year when it had introduced world’s latest and most celebrated gadgets. You have witnessed the celebration of Samsung Galaxy gadgets and the group registers very positive business these days. But, do you have any idea that how Samsung has got success in the market. The idea lies in its business policy. It doesn’t introduce only high-range handsets, but also mid-range ones in the market and so it has made its presence in all sections of society. This time, Samsung has come out with low-budget handset called Samsung Galaxy Europa.

If you are very new to smartphone, Galaxy Europa would be very attractive one for you. With the help of shiny and slim metal body, Samsung Galaxy Europa looks very amazing in your palm. It weighs only 102g that stays in your palm very cosily. On the other side, Europa acts beautifully when you move your fingers on its high-end display. Capacitive touchscreen technology is so responsive that it replies your all requests smartly. Samsung has well and truthfully cuddled the Android operating system, and now we are delighted to the handset. It is yours at very affordable price with all three deals.

Design and Looks

Samsung Galaxy Europa enjoys very slim design with very less dimension. Weighing 120g, Europa comes with very little number of physical keys. You find a multi-way navigating button on the front side and two important keys like Menu and Home on either edge. Besides, on the top spot, you find 3.5mm jack for pleasing music system. Moreover, you would also get a mini-USB that helps you to get connected with your personal computer. You are not expecting more from a mid-range handset and again this time, you are not going to get it with wide display. It measures 2.8 inches width along with the resolution of 240x320 pixels. Though, it is not great to enjoy the display resolution, but you would be enjoying the handset with browsing webpage. This is empowered with capacitive technology that makes its viewing angle pleasing. Enjoying its display is really tremendous and it lets you to command over the handset’s interface. You must be thanking its Android v2.1 for pleasing applications.

Connectivity Applications

You can say Galaxy Europa a nifty little web handset. You should be very thankful to its 3G and Wi-Fi applications. Its web browsing applications are very hurdle free when you launch them. Though the time has entered 4G era, you should not expect more from a mid-range handset. Moreover, the handset also lacks Flash support that does restrict you to enjoy all videos on websites.


On the back side, Samsung gives you a chance to enjoy photography with the help of secondary camera that measures 2MP. You would not get smart click with its primary that lacks resolution. And especially in the lack of light, it would not be rendering huge quality to your image.

Battery Back-up

As for battery back-up, wait for the juice to diminish more speedily if you are making recurrent practice of the handset’s 3G potential, downloading data as that has a propensity to place twist on the handset’s power reserves. Though, this doesn’t house heavy applications, you would be getting it with more powerful back-up. Here, you can also enjoy long back-up when you are enjoying 3G network. 3G drives you to web world where you stay for long because of its firm back-up.

Software and Applications

The market is enjoying Android’s latest OS Jelly Bean this time, so you may get discontentment with the handset that has been featured with v2.1. But if you are new to the Android’s vast world, it may be quite fresh platform for you. This is a beautiful unsophisticated but amazingly firm system.

You would be finding some physical buttons that make you spool between with a swing of your fingers. These are peopled with widgets, or shortcuts to applications you habitually practice. All exclusively customisable, you can drag-and-drop such widgets more or less to your own comfortable. On the other side, the handset walks with Samsung’s celebrated TouchWiz UI that is considered very reactive and swift agreeably. Similarly, finding the way around the menu widgets is very simple only when you have already played with the Android’s applications.

When you are about to text, the handset comes with very friendly QWERTY keypad that helps you write with your fingers. You can get it in virtual form that appears on the display. You find the handset with adjustable home screens that can be brought before you as per your choice.

Just below the home screen, you get 3 icons dedicated for three main jobs like phone callings, contacts and the last for applications list. There are more applications with Galaxy Europa, if you wish to access more apps; you should reach the application store, so that you can get more apps, games or software. The entire interface is remarkably swift and swinging and scrolling through the handset’s diverse apps was notably even and quick.

Apart from these all, the handset comes with Write and Go text application that makes you text first and then choose your task whether it is SMS, calendar entry or any others. It also cares your entertainment taste. It gets FM radio with RDS also that supplies unlimited music to your ears.


Samsung Galaxy Europa is a fairly unassuming handset. Having a glance on the handset, you would hardly deduce that Europa gets infinite power from Android v2.1. Even, you cannot estimate that the handset can render high-end facilities like web browsing, Wi-Fi etc, as its design doesn’t appeal so much. It is fairly mid-range gadget that gets small display with low resolution.

Besides, its camera would not be contented you when you have already enjoyed high-end handsets before. But its capacitive touchscreen and huge apps widgets would be making you smile to some extent. On the other side, it design is not going to get more and more attractions, but overall, it is a good handset for those who don’t want to spend money on mobile phones. Moreover, you have a great chance to enjoy Samsung’s essence, no matter whether it is high-end or mid-range Galaxy handset.

Samsung Europa Deals

Samsung Galaxy Europa deals have been introduced in the UK market and the people are getting them at affordable prices. Mobile phone deals with Europa have been divided into three faces like contract deals, Pay As You Go and SIM free. Though the handset has already got low price tag, but the deals have also brought them lower.