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Samsung Galaxy Camera


A fresh and very triumphant re-designing of what a camera must be and how it should effort. Spot-on for anyone who wishes an effortless mode to share their images without being limited to handset resolutions and superiority levels and very quite valued considering the specifications and features.

Good things

There are some good things regarding the Samsung Galaxy camera and they can be pointed out as below

  1. Outstanding Android Interface
  2. Great Camera Edge
  3. Easy To Click
  4. Long Zooming Facility

And apart from these, a bad part of the camera has been also pointed out. The Samsung galaxy camera is having drawback like lightening in assured situations.

Design - Big Display Screen

Samsung is a big brand in the camera hardware and it is an even larger name in Android gadgets. Getting together two devices was reasonable, possibly even predictable. The outcome is the Samsung galaxy camera. It is not the first camera we have glanced at that operates Android, that was Nikon Coolpix, neither is it the foremost to run downloaded apps, as the Sony Alpha did that also. This is the first Android camera from a large brand in tabs and handsets, on the other hand, and that is what makes it exciting.

13 Mega Pixel Camera

Samsung galaxy camera is something more than a handset with a greater camera quality fixed on the rear side. For the beginners, the camera itself has high-end lens measuring 13 MP and resolution of 4608 x 3456 pixels. At the widest ending of that series, the utmost hole widens to f/2.8. At complete telephoto, this is f/5.9, and in whichever occurrence the tightest pose is f/8. You find it with 10GB integral flash memory, of which just 3.87GB is accessible for making use of, for storing images and applications. Added storeroom is gripped by a microSD card.

Android Jelly Bean

The truly stirring piece is what Samsung has done with the OS. It works on Android v4.1 Jelly Bean and can be improved. The Nikon gets Gingerbread that in tech provisos is starting to seem a morsel long in the tooth, now approximately 2 years old. The technical facet of the gadget would be right away well-known to any person who has used an Android tab or smartphone before and as you will wait for you can systematize the widgets and icons for your most usually practiced applications on the diverse home display.

4.5 Inches Wide Display

Faced with the opportunity of a 4.5 inches wide display and the challenge of building an Android-powered interface that will not intimidate less technical people, this is recreated the best features of both a DSLR and a compact in its software. This is all handled by tapping and swapping the display without a stylus in view as the only corporeal keys are power, shutter and flash buttons. The zoom is corporal also executing as a normal rocker approximately the shutter key, but you can knock the display to equally centre and fire the shutter along with starting recording.

Support Social Networking Sites - Facebook, Twitter, Google+

Samsung is bundling the galaxy camera with a 30 days data SIM on the 3-Mobile that you can complete formerly it concludes or swap out for a competitor network if you like better. It is used not only for the surfing and emailing but also sharing your images using the integral Instagram, downloaded third-party apparatus like twitter and social website Facebook and largely fascinating of all Dropbox.

Free 50GB Account

Dropbox prop up is incorporated and Samsung has gathered an agreement to provide all galaxy camera purchasers a free 50GB account for 24 months. If you previously have a Dropbox login, you can get in with your usual ID and your account would be enhanced with an added 50GB for that span of time. The cause for making so kind an amount is that every image of movie you record is synchronised directly back to your account, therefore this would be waiting for you on your personal computer or Mac when you come back home.

This is appealing striking clicking image at your desk and seeing it happen on your computer display only some second shortly. It implies you could get away with never getting rid of the microSD card from your Samsung Galaxy camera, by only cleaning its data every time the sync is inclusive.

Still Photography

This is simple to centre, quickly to whoosh and responds in a touchy way to taps of the on-screen close key or a press of the hardware corresponding.

Video Recording

A prime advantage of that enormous 4.8 inches wide display is the reality you can amend videos on the camera, using whichever the packed Video Editor application or a go-between option downloaded from Google Play Store or Samsung applications. The visual zoom remains in motion when you are recording and even at the complete 21 x telephoto the optical image stabilisation does an outstanding work of levelling out negligible hand movements, allowing through only those that are enough to get competent as purposeful.

Whether it is a camera with tab features or a tablet with a decent camera strapped to the rear would depend very much on how you select to use this. Samsung’s idea is that you would get it on your travels, download an application to help out you obtain the tourist attractions, employ a map application to catch to them, click them using the camera application, amend them in-situ by means of the packets of graphics and video applications and carve up them honestly with your dears with the help of 3G or Wi-Fi. This is a great pose of any camera, but in this matter, this in fact sets free.

The union of the 2 nucleus functions, tab and camera, is victorious and neither one has a damaging collision on the other. Moreover, the chance paid for by its Android platform to reconsider the camera edge is one that Samsung has gripped with both hands with outstanding outcomes.

The camera itself is of good quality. This is not the most excellent you could purchase for the cash mainly not now the outstanding Samsung EX2F is becoming affordable, but as a put together, it is the better of the 2 Android cameras recently accessible. Purchasing a superior devoted, non-Android camera will refer that you will miss out on the largely convincing features here. In that reverence, the Galaxy camera is a sole proposal, and one that is simple to suggest. It by now senses mature and steady and bearing in mind its additional features, attractive good worth as well.