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Samsung Galaxy Beam

Strong Aspect

  • Good Battery Life
  • Enabled with projector
  • With intelligent primary camera
  • Additional battery

Weak Points

  • High price
  • Sunlight affects display
  • Alcove market appeal

You have got to offer it to Samsung; this is not frightened to run with unusual ideas. In year 2011, the group had come out with massive Galaxy Note, a handset that turned sharply into tablet market and in the current year 2012, we have been provided with latest and bright handset called Galaxy Beam, a handset that carries useful projector.

That is ok; the handset includes the thrill of mid-budget Android feat with DIY lightshow you can project against your bedroom wall. But before you find next to yourself with stimulation at the outlook of Justin Bieber crooning you to nap, be cautioned the Galaxy Beam are not inexpensive.

Does it worth to buy?

Samsung has been very firm group in making of a high-end handset for many years. You have witnessed the market flooded with many handsets that come of Galaxy series. Besides, it has also made its presence in the tablet market where Samsung stands firmly with its Note-series.

There is no uncertainty the beam’s projector is something of a device but this is the type what is going to appear insanely cool for brood of a firm age. If you are a adolescent who can ask for, have access to or take home money from washing your parents’ car every week for getting financed for the handset, then don’t let me stop it. Though, this is not the best handset that can be bought for this much cash, but when you owe it, you would certainly get some pleasing experience. You are thieving a so-so Android understanding while paying a payment for the Pico projector fixed inside it.

There are more efficient and firm Androids up for taking hold of this type of money such as Samsung’s perennially well-liked Galaxy S2. You can trouser a completely competent mid-budget Android lacking projector like the Galaxy S Advance, without having to give up 2 years’ value of pocket money. Besides, the handset has not been intended to the business class people, therefore, you must not expect something superman type technologies to make you beam your firm’s financials before the board. It is a handset mainly intended to the broods.

As the article has already focused on its battery life that renders huge power to the handset. Delivering light, as your lecturer would say you, needs force so it goes after that projecting a wedge of light against your bedroom wall takes a sizable ring on the Beam’s battery. It spells out why Samsung has placed two batteries instead of one in the box and they are much powerful to stand with the handset with 2000 mAh. Samsung claims that you would be getting power form it for more than 180 minutes of projection time when it gets full charged. Besides, you would get it stronger while you are talking. The projector is well designed as it turns off automatically when the battery dips to 10% of battery. Besides, you are also getting support for 3 hours when you are enjoying videos.


The en suite projector is noticeably the Beam’s strong facet, but what in addition the blower has to propose? The display is measuring 4 inches range with a so-so 480x 800 pixels that makes your viewing experience most enjoyable. It translates into the high interface that would not make any space for zooming a webpage. Here, it is not going to get AMOLED capacitive for you, but it is still noticeable and vivid. The touchscreen is receptive as its other aspects like physical buttons like menu and back.


Form the fore side, it resemblances to Samsung’s other mid-budget handsets like Galaxy Ace 2 and S Advance along with its signature feature called chrome-trimmed block facade and rounded edges. 

Operating system and applications

Samsung Galaxy Beam gets Android’s taste in form of Gingerbread. Though, it is not the latest one, but you would get it stuffed with numerous apps. It is still a competent and firm operating system that lets you enter into Google’s Play store and a number of applications in that. But it is going to make you miss something, if you do not get Ice Cream Sandwich with the handset. And the group has not left any space for updates of operating system.

Primary camera

When you turn it back, you find very high-end camera measuring 5MP lens. The handset also plays with a secondary camera that measures 1.3MP and it is much helpful to enjoy video callings. On the other side, the primary camera has been made associated with a single LED flash to assist you click even in the darkness. Apart from photography, Samsung Galaxy beam is much interested in shooting a video at upto 720p.


As a high-end mobile phone, the handset is a mid-range player, operating to a certain extent steady edition of Android. But that is missing the facet of the Beam that is all about the built-in Pico projector. If you wish for a handset that can twice as a motion picture projector-cum-mood-light, to fetch the party to your bedroom, then it is the high-end handset for you. This is extreme costly for a mid-budget Android therefore you are certainly paying a payment to find that tiny bulb, but this is your fathers’ cash.

There is a good-sized memory cache of 8GB inside the handset, but it lets you to enhance it up 32GB with the help of microSD card. And when you connect its stereo with music, you find very pleasing experience with the handset.

Best Galaxy Beam Offers

All the prominent network service providers such as Vodafone, Virgin, O2, Orange, T-Mobile, 3Mobile etc have offered much decorated Samsung Galaxy Beam deals. At the same time, the deals have been divided into three categories like contract deals, Pay As You Go and Go and SIM free. Here, the plans have been offered with a number of offerings that contains free electronic devices and some free incentives. On the other side, Samsung Galaxy Beam contract deals enter into your house with some legal obligations that stop you switching from one to another network within agreed contract period. And the deals have been designed with an array of offers.

On the other side, the Pay As You Go and SIM free are much favourite among the people who prefer to roam many times. Here, these two are coming with no any obligation that lets you enjoy and move frequently. Moreover, you can also find some attractive gifts and affordable handset.

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