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Samsung Galaxy Ace
As it naturally happens in the Samsung house, a smartphone called galaxy Ace has been introduced with the same virtue and soul in the market where the people are finding the handset with latest features and technologies. Galaxy Ace comes under a flagship series from the house that seems to continue it.

Points to get in consideration

  • Samsung Galaxy Ace comes at inexpensive price
  • It looks tiny by stylish
  • Coming with a number of amazing apps and features of celebrated operating system
  • And the most important thing is its long battery back-up

Points to think over

  • You would not get it with Flash player that helps to view videos on websites
  • If you are looking for some kinds of iPhone-experiences, it may disappoint you
  • There is no any update for operating system

Here, Samsung comes with its another smartphone named Galaxy Ace and you must be sure that if it comes from Samsung house, it will certainly be housing all those what would be perfect to make you happy. The mobile phone giant has made a circle to fashion a dapper, elegant handset that thumps your fancy. Though the handset already witnessed its second generation in the market, but the handset Galaxy Ace still plays very as a trained player. You can get it at every stall in the market where the network service providers such as Vodafone, Virgin, O2, Orange, T-Mobile and 3Mobile have introduced it with their mobile phone deals.


Samsung Galaxy Ace looks very easy but refined with a effortlessly silky facade and nicely graspable rear cover. It walks with 3.5 inches wide display that features touch screen and comes to make all the viewing angles very pleasing. Besides, being very responsive, Galaxy Ace responds very quickly to your touches. But you may get discontentment when it comes with low resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. As Samsung makes its all handsets light, Galaxy Ace also weighs merely 113 grams that really makes you feel it better.

Operating System

Here, the handset has been powered by Google’s Android v2.2 Froyo. It may be some disappointing for you also when the time has entered into Jelly Bean flavour, but you must be aware that the handset is going to charge you more and it is not going to be a burden on your budget. After getting such things in the mind, the Froyo would certainly be delivering the most amazing experience to you. On the other side, the OS is coming with a number of apps to you. Besides, it is also very comfortable with the Samsung’s own apps platform where you can get them into your handset easily. There are numerous games in the apps store, that make your experience most amazing.

Samsung Galaxy Ace lacks Flash player that is much useful for watching videos on websites. It may be some disappointing matter for you when you wish to get maximum from a smartphone. It is worth-praising that even if Samsung has not tailored Android to a great extent, it has yet tried to find updates swiftly to its other handsets.

Here, the handset gets fuelled by Qualcomm 800 MHz ARM 11 and it plays at its best in the processing.


Samsung Galaxy Ace actually comes into its own when you get connected with the web world. It helps you to walk in the web world with a number of applications. Where it houses all the connectivity applications such as GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, at the same time, Galaxy Ace makes your web journey more exciting with the help of 3G network. As the handset makes you fully dependent on the handset in terms of web browsing, you can avail everything including Google search, Map, Google Talk, social websites and many more. Moreover, Galaxy Ace features voice memo dial and predictive text input. These applications are very pleasing ones that make you happy at the time when you use it as an important tool.


These days, the people wish to get their handset with high-end primary camera so that they can get their lovely moments clicked vividly. Here, Samsung Galaxy Ace houses 5MP primary camera that can get your lovely moments snapped vividly with the help of high resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels. Besides it comes with LED flash that helps you find a better photograph in the deemed light. Here, it does not carry secondary camera, so you are not going to enjoy video callings with the Galaxy Ace.

Data Storing

Samsung Galaxy Ace helps you store your huge data upto 32GB with the help of external memory expandable microSD port. Though, you find it with internal 2GB memory space, but it would not be sufficient to have your data.

On the other side, the handset has housed all the Google’s applications such as Document editor, image editor and organizer. These are much important for a smartphone for playing as an all-rounder player.


You must thank to its shiny, squarish appearance. The handset senses better than its inexpensive cost suggestions. Besides its low resolution of AMOLED display, the handset can be made stand with the latest handsets with which it shares many features. From the front side, it seems like iPhone but you would find a number of Android apps inside the handset to set free it from the dominion of the also-rans.

It is easy to have the handset in your pocket, you have to just get a mobile phone deal from the market where there are three kinds of deals have been offered. As per your needs, the Samsung Galaxy Ace deals have been designed very beautifully and you find it with a number of benefits such as free electronics devices as gift, free text, talk time and data as incentive. You can rush to the market and select as per your requirement. It would be a beneficial deal if you find the handset with maximum benefits.