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Samsung Galaxy Ace 2


Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 has been very dear to those people who walk with Pay As You Go plans. With the help of rapid processor, Ace 2 has touched your heart beautifully. Android aficionados may be let down to get it with the Gingerbread version when we have updated OS ICS.

Point of attraction

It comes with dual-core processor, high-end primary camera and microSD card port.


Where Ace 2 houses some latest features and apps, at the same time you find Android Gingerbread inside the gadget.


If you step back to year 2011, you can recall Samsung introducing Galaxy high-end handset for the budget-awake in name with Galaxy Ace. Though, the maker has been introducing some handsets with high prices and the people with low budget do not want to step near to such handsets, but for the last two years, Samsung has been bringing Ace-series for those who walk with PAYG plans.

You may be wishing to get Galaxy S3, if you are a gadget freak, but having half a grand to move your fingers on S3, you should focus on latest Galaxy Ace 2, a gadget that guarantees to put a spray of maker’s galactic delightful in your pocket for a small part of the S3’s value.

The handset is an outstanding option if you wish for a potent but inexpensive PAYG blower and do not have a tiny kismet to spray on it. It does not appear particularly striking; therefore outlook junkies may not wish it near their fingers. Being tasteless is absolutely its largest disappointment. Beneath the handset’s plastic cover creeps around a dual-core processor, a greeting insertion, which have been accompanied with an apparent, crusty display and topped off with well-mannered audio. 

On the other side, it is certain to utter that the handset is not going to get best design prize. Undeniably, from the fore, the handset has continued the trend what the first Ace had started. As smartphone designs move, it is behind the times to articulate least. The best thing that can be described is that it is rather innocuous, at least when ogled from the fore.

Below the skinny silver posse holding its look collectively, the handset has rounded plastic surface. At 10.5mm thick, it is not light and absolutely has a few hefts to it, with no help of being actually thick. This extra dimension makes it sense take away stylish than maker’s other glossy blowers. If you wish for an ultra-slim handset, you would require saving up for the Galaxy S2 that is approximately 8.5mm bulky.

In spite of being very plastic-like, the handset is quite large in the palm, weighing more than 120gr. It is not as weighty as Apple’s iPhone that commands the balance at 140 gram, but it is not a feather-light bird also.

Large Display Screen

The fore of the handset is acquired by a 3.8 inches display. It does not make use of the comfortable AMOLED display that you can get it in high-end handsets, but it yet appears dazzling, obvious and vibrant. At the bottom of the AMOLED display are maker’s tab-sized physical home keys, lined by two touch buttons like menu and Back. These get lights when you put your finger on these keys. On the other side, you find two other buttons dedicated to the power keys and volume on either side. These all are reactive.

If you are looking for some useful slots, you come across a 3.5mm lead jack on the crown of the handset. There is a microUSB slot at the base for multi-tasking such as charging and files transport. On the left side of the handset, a port has been fixed dedicated to memory card injection. It lets you enhance its memory capacity.

Android Operating System

It seems that Samsung has got best tuning with the Android OS. As Samsung appears with their handset powered by Android, Ace 2 has been blessed with Gingerbread version. But, the time has got latest version, so it may be some disappointing factor of the handset. The experts think that the Operating System Android is a better choice for the low-income people because it lets you way in the Google’s Play apps and a number of free applications.

If you are not too much to-do about the latest things, you would be getting it with perfect upright flavour of Android. It does not only take the new artistic and edge jerks of ICS and you will not be competent to find your mitts on Google’s brilliant Chrome for the internet browsing. Similar to other Samsungies, Ace 2 has housed a sheet of Samsung software stored on top of the OS. Just touch the apps symbol and you enter the icons view where all the applications breathe. The handset
Ace 2 appears full with Samsung’s Music Hub and social websites.

I did get the software piano tiresomely confined though, and the projecting SMS function is not luminous. Luckily, Samsung has comprised of a Swype facility so you can change to lagging your finger in the order of to draft. Another annoying is that when drafting a SMS or email with text forecast changed on, the display springs up and down as recommended words come and fade away, a jumpy appearance that made me happy to some extent sea sick.


The handset enjoys very huge pool of people behind it, as it comes with high-end primary camera measuring 5MP. There is a teeny little LED flash nestled under the lens also. Besides, you find a secondary camera for enjoying 3G or 4G services for video callings. It is a greeting addition in the handset. But you may get some extent of disappointing when you find no physical buttons for the primary camera.

The camera is to some extent laggy; it takes about 2s to click a images that are noticeably more sluggish than some camera-enabled handsets. It is an infamy Samsung has not been capable to trim a second off this moment. At least, image eminence is rather brilliant. The extent of information in test click I clicked was strong, and blush was pleasantly accurate to life, rather than over-soaked. Handset’s lens would definitely twice as a vital point and shoot when you are out and about.


If you are really walking in the market for an inexpensive handset with pocket-friendly plans, Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 would be very near to your expectation. It houses decent volume of power, a vibrant display and audio that is easy on the ear. It is not a great performer but it is a solid player, providing you a way to world of applications on Google’s OS podium. Android aficionado will not like the detail the handset operates the Gingerbread edition of Operating System.
On the other side, if you are willing to go with SIM free or contact deals, there are extra competitive options in the market.