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Pay As You Go, No Monthly Contract, No Line Rental

Why to go with PAYG mobile phones?

Though, the UK market has been made well-packed with numerous plans for network connection, but you go with a particular one as per your needs and budget. All the network service providers such as Vodafone, Virgin, O2, Orange, T-Mobile and 3-Mobile have introduced their mobile phone deals in form of contract deals, Pay As You Go (PAYG) and SIM free mobile phone. Here, these three have got very positive reaction in the market where you find them with all the launched handsets. As it is mandatory to have a plan to get the handset in the United Kingdom, you must think over the mobile phone deals before making any decision. Here, it is very important to evaluate every facets of your financial health before going to get a plan. Because, you get different kinds of plan package as per the usage and benefits, so it is much essential to have planned budget if you don’t want to spend more.

Though we are talking about the benefits of Pay As You Go plan here, we should know that the network providers have designed it very technically. At first, the plan PAYG does not require any kind of legal procedures and you are absolutely free from any time barrier. As the name suggests, PAYG plan is very popular among those who don’t wish to expense more on mobile phone bills. Here, it doesn’t come with a monthly rent including service tax. You are liable to pay the amount only what you have used. Besides, it also helps those who travel a lot. You can switch over the local network wherever you go and you find it much friendly to be connected at inexpensive cost.

If there are some pros in PAYG plan, you find some cons also there. You are not eligible to bag some expensive electronic gadgets as free gift when you go with Pay As You Go. You may get some benefits but not in form of devices or goods. Here, PAYG comes with some free incentives such as reduced talk time and cost for Texting. But you should be happy to know that the plan provides you with the handset at inexpensive prices. All the leading mobile phone manufacturers have introduced their flagship handsets with the plan so it no use of thinking that the high-end gadgets don’t come with such cheap mobile phone deals.

Apart from Pay As You Go plan, the network service providers come with other two plans like contract deals and SIM free. Here, the SIM free carries the same characteristic what PAYG has. You are also free from any legal bonds. And you can switch over any network at any time.

On the other side, contract deals come with a legal paper that makes a virtual boundary around you. The contract deals are more popular among those people who have to do a lot from phone calls and do not want any interruption within the month.

In last, it is very important to have a clear graph of your budget and the plans also before having a handset.